Come again?

This is a tool to practice intensive listening in a foreign language.
To start, choose (or drag and drop) a file you’d like to listen to.


Come again? is a tool for developing listening skills in a foreign language.

To practice listening effectively, it’s important to repeat small sections of a text until you can understand and say them without effort. Since most apps do not offer a convenient way to rewind quickly, I designed Come again? with this in mind.

It works entirely in your browser, so you’re not uploading anything when you use it.

You can use the keys in the home row (A to ;) to control playback by rewinding/skipping at 1-to-4-second intervals.

You can also use the numbers 1 to 4 or the left and right arrow keys to rewind.

Use the spacebar to play or pause the audio.

You can loop a section of audio. Use G to set the starting point and then H to set the end point. You can make the loop shorter by pressing G or H while the loop is playing. To cancel the loop, press escape.

Use the up and down arrow keys to control the volume.

To slow the audio down, press the period (.) key. To reset to the original speed, press the comma (,) key.

Transcription is an excellent way to practice your listening and writing skills. The link at the bottom of the page will give you a box to write in while listening. The original controls still work if you hold control; for example, control + space will play/pause the audio. If you go back to the original screen, your writing won’t be lost. Just make sure to copy and paste it somewhere before closing or refreshing Come again?.

Press control + = and control + - to increase/decrease the font size in the transcription box.

If you want to load a new audio file, just refresh the page.

Come again? works best in Chrome.

Comments? Suggestions? Email me!

Sorry, this app is not for smartphones.

If you use a computer with Google Chrome, it will work well.

Drag and drop an audio file here.
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1 sec



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4 sec


Click here if you want to write.

You can still control playback: hold control while pressing the keys.

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